Thursday, October 28, 2010

Business and Fun

Was in London for a whole week, was great staying with my best pal Monica, she lives in a beautiful flat in Battersea, her apartment is basically a spa. She has an awesome bathroom and power shower with the BEST products in the world on French polished drawers that zoom in and out silently. I am not really a product junkie but Monica does have amazing stuff and I get to use it….that’s what pals are for. She owns her own PR Company for high end restaurants and I get to eat the most amazing Michelin starred grub and all I can offer her is some blokes swearing about masturbation in a dimly lit comedy club. She hates comedy, she says the majority of comics I have made her sit through are basically dysfunctional humans with personality disorders and mother issues. She hates female comics who go on about cakes, eating too much, being fat, being divorced/single and their lumpen naked bodies to a paying audience. My mate Monica is very opinionated on such matters and don’t even start me on how she reacts to ‘whimsy’.

“If I wanted to see a slide show of tortoises, chatter about cats and a poem about an asymmetric rug, I would have joined a help group for people with brain injuries” she quipped when a famous whimsical comic was onstage before me at Edinburgh.

“That woman needs to fix her hair, who cut her fringe? A meerkat with wooden spoons?” Was what she actually said loudly.

The upside is her job is amazing- one of her clients won Best Restaurant in the World! You can’t beat that can you? No…you simply can’t.

In between gigging, auditioning and smearing expensive cream on myself in London, I had some time out to go see stuff. I chose to go see Gauguin at the Tate Modern Gallery. It wasn’t until I was halfway through the exhibition did I realise what a skanky paedophile Gauguin actually was. He infected small girls with syphilis in Tahiti and beyond, I hate him now and can’t believe I didn’t know he was a bloody kiddie fiddler. The Tate described him as a ‘story teller’ I can only imagine the stories he had to tell and its amazing that if you have a talent the world forgives your paedophilic tendencies…for example do I need mention Polanski one more time?

Anyway for the record I walked out. I didn’t pay and that made me feel slightly better and his work is a bit shit. Am glad Gauguin died with heart problems and suffered horrific pain with syphilis, is all I am saying.
So am back home and am off the cigarettes yet again and have taken up an exercise regime and diet so I can lose some fatty arse flesh and look good for my up coming 50th birthday.

I need to look after myself a bit more, and there is no time like today to start! Ashley has joined me in stopping smoking so am so proud of her.

Sorry the blog was late….do remember to check our podcast episode 16 is out. Search Janey Godley’s podcast if there isn’t a link on your site or go to my webpage and click there.

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Tracey. said...

Good luck to you both with not smoking, you can do it.