Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Janey Godley Podcast “Episode 12”

(Pleases be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)

Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.

In the twelfth episode of Janey Godley’s Podcast Janey and Ashley discuss Scientology and L Ron Hubbard’s true intentions, Ashley’s new religion Batamology, the new Labour leader Ed Miliband, Tanya Lee Davis’s scooter girl campaign, why Mrs Miliband should kick Jan Moir in the lady balls, Janey reads an excerpt from her autobiography and Ashley impersonates Wayne Rooney… all this with new music from Paul Alexander Boyd! (don’t forget to vote for us on

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