Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who is with me?

I think we should quickly invent a Vuvuzela trumpet for the Pope’s visit to Glasgow, it doesn’t hoot but the screams of small children come out and remind him of the abuse he covered up! Who is with me?

Lets all stand near Bellahouston Park and protest with banners about the homophobic, Nazi, abuse apologist! Who is with me?

That may sound hysterically radical to you reading this but I am disgusted that the Pope will not allow condoms to save lives in African countries that are crippled by AIDS, the Catholic Church refuses financial help to those communities that distribute and use condoms.

I am disgusted that the Pope won’t allow women to become equal in the eyes of his Lord and am totally horrified of the cover up and protection of Church staff that mentally, sexually and physically destroyed children throughout the globe in the name of The Lord.

Jesus must be ashamed of these people if he is the good man everyone says he was/is. Jesus must be up there ‘in heaven’ wearing a tee shirt that says “not in my name you weird evil people” I don’t think anyone can believe a man instigated such horror on mankind, poor Jesus he is the most famous being in existence and look at his PR! Even I have better PR than that.

I hate that these religious pious types got away with such criminal acts.
My wee friend when we were teens was beaten brutally by the nuns who were taking care of her; these despicable women sexually brutalised, battered and mentally tortured my wee pal when she was 14 years old. It took years for her to come to terms with the angst and pain she suffered.

Any organisation that protects its abusers within a system and proclaims protection in the name of The Lord needs a punch in the chops.

Who is with me?

Having said that I have to acknowledge that there were many good priests and nuns in the Catholic Church. They cant all be bad, I knew a cracking wee Nun when I lived in Shettleston, she used to bake for pensioners, and despite me not being a Catholic or having any religion, she taught me to knit and got me loads of books to read. She was a friends Aunt, and she was always kind.

So we can’t blame everyone for everything.

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