Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Being Sick

I hate the flu, or whatever this virus is that I have been harbouring in my veins since last week. Everyone who isn’t a doctor has a theory “It’s a cold, everyone is getting it” is a favourite or “My mate had it last week and her legs went wobbly”

Ok, here is the scoop, I hate being sick and almost had to cancel a gig on Saturday at Highlights Edinburgh. Turns out despite vomiting, sweating and having blurred vision, I can still be funny! I did try to avoid contact with everyone in case I smitted them with my stinky virus.

Twitter has been hysterical this week, by the way everyone in the media moans about Twitter, they say stuff like “is that twatter?” but I love it and even news agencies use it as a major tool. I watched a politician being grilled on BBC and his tweets were used against him in the argument. Twitter is like your conscience talking whilst your mouth isn’t moving and journalists love that.

Anyway I have been following 50 Cent the US rapper and his tweets border on porn, he loves talking about his cock and how he has sex with women. It makes you feel a little bit dirty listening in, and then he puts up pics of his golden guns made into desk lamps which are funny as fuck. It took me three weeks of following 50 Cent to realise he isn’t Nelly the rapper that I actually like, which makes me racist, I don’t know my black rappers from one another. Ashley was horrified at this news and made me watch videos and listen to songs from Nelly and 50 Cent and 50 Cent is rubbish, it really is Nelly I have loved all along.

I can’t go on twitter and take back all the love I gave 50 cent but I can now laugh at his golden ornaments around his home without shame. Meanwhile I am on Nelly’s tail on twitter and he is well sexy!

Maybe in my fast approaching dotage I need to stop lusting after young black rap boys? I cant imagine my mother at this age (she never reached my age she died at 47) anyway I cant imagine my mammy telling me she lusted after a pop star that I loved at the same time, I can see why Ashley is disgusted at me.

So this week I have been sick, racist and dirty all at the same time.

I also have been making big plans for the future. Will tell all when news comes in!


Anonymous said...

Racist??? Rubbish. You are entitled to lust/like/love whoever you fancy. I like Nelly too! Love you, Gail

latweddle said...

Tis a shame. Nelly is such an awful name. 50cent was much better.

And so it was the music that the loved him for all along, who knew.