Thursday, April 29, 2010

Am home again naturally

Yes, finally my flight from Toronto was good to go, and to make things perfect- I got upgraded to full lie down bed by British Airways and the service in that part of the plane is just wonderful. When we landed in London I met Alan Shearer and Alan Hanson who are ex-footballers and now TV sport pundits, they were coming to Scotland to play golf. They were lovely men- I like some ex-footballers, they’re not all twats.

I cannot thank Mark Breslin and YukYuk’s comedy clubs enough for financially taking care of me when I got stranded and all the local comedians who supported me and kept me company. Especially Jo-Anna Downey, Cal, Marilla Wex, Ron Vaudrey, Cleeve, Kate and everyone else whose name escapes me, its good to have a family of people around me this lovely.

Husband was at the airport for me and was so glad to see me as he kind of missed me for a while. Ashley was at home and I could see they had both cleaned the house and tided up – they both live like unsupervised students when am away then do a blitz and clean up quickly.

I am home for a few days, before I head off to do Soho Theatre this weekend from Thursday and ending Saturday night. Then Ashley and I are off to Georgia Atlanta for a road trip comedy tour, it apparently is in the whitest part of Atlanta with Middle Class bake sales, art lectures, wear- green- wig for charity day and a jam tasting competition, what’s not to like? Ashley is excited and says the most boring places usually throw up the most interesting adventures. I hope she is right, but I once stayed over in Oban and the most exciting thing to happen was I saw a cross dresser who turned out to just be a badly dressed woman who had a beard.

I am the stage where I am dragging clothes out of the case into the washer, hanging them up and throwing them back into the case. That’s a weird feeling and everything smells of places that I don’t know.

I am looking forward to spending time with Monica my best pal, we haven’t had a full conversation for a month as she always out of the country or I am too busy or she is too busy. I miss my pal.

I will also miss the election and really don’t want to return home to find out slimy Cameron has taken over my homeland, it will make me cry at the airport if this is true. I am not really a big fan of Labour or Gordon Brown but suddenly he seems more attractive than Tory boy in brogues and corduroy!

So speak soon

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