Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dizzy Rascal and Comedy

When I left Glasgow last week, Ashley begged me to get her something nice for her birthday on April 19th, I mostly always give her cash, as she hates me buying her


So, I am stuck knowing what to get her? She is too old for toys, too old for games and not interested in traditional things like rings, bracelets or any other crap like that...I am worried.
I may have to steal something like Dizze Rascal as she likes him. I wonder where I can find him? Does these rap boys just hang about darkened clubs? Can I just drug him, put him in a bag, chain him to a radiator and keep him fed and watered till I fly home? I can put him in the suitcase?
Imagine her wee happy face when she opened my suitcase and found a rather groggy Dizzy Rascal?

London is fine, my headache has gone and I am still off the fags big time. I have a brown birth mark/mole that has started bleeding on my back and may need attention. Husband has the cold which is like the gay AIDS on a man. He is actually limping, how can the cold make you limp? Fuck off!

Am going to get my photos done at Steve Ullathornes tomorrow and lovely Francesca is going to help me with my make up, then its off to the Comedy Debate at BAFTA offices.

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