Thursday, April 30, 2009

People and places

I had great fun doing a TV interview for Sunrise TV3 New Zealand. They basically put me in the BEST spa in Auckland and sent a camera crew and presenter to conduct the interview during the treatments. All at 7am!

The East Day Spa is by far the best spa I have ever seen in my life! The girls there started doing these awesome massages just as the bloke started asking questions. “So, Janey, what makes you funny?”

I was melting slowly into the soft sofa all tucked up with warm blankets and having chocolate and rose oil painted into my face looked slightly racist but with a good smell. I could hardly speak! All I could do was moan, then we got foot and hand and head massages...I wanted to punch the presenter and lie there to enjoy the relaxing feelings. I have had the worst period of my life and needed the good vibes and therapy, not some TV bloke interrupting me constantly. He was lovely though and I am looking forward to seeing the show on DVD.

Last night we did the 5 star show at Sky City theatre, it was just fab. I did some nice pro- Susan Boyle material and the Kiwi’s loved it, Susan is such a star over here as well and it’s good to have a positive role model for Scotland, even if she is slightly hairy and a wee bit mad! I love her!

Tonight is the BIG GALA show which scared the knickers off me. The lovely Jason Cook gave me a good mobile phone that only needs a sim card, so that will be my mission today to take my mind off the scary Gala.

Chatted to Ashley online and I really, really miss her.

My dad has learnt to Skype and is super excited about it and just keeps pressing the button and waking me up to chat! Although he has learnt Skype he has yet to learn the time difference and I don’t want to tell him off, after all I probably woke him up the whole of 1961 when I was born, so it’s payback time!

This is a rather tame and informative blog, don’t worry the spiteful bile and anger will return.

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