Sunday, April 26, 2009

Living on the road

Well I am finally in Los Angeles, the flight was fine, in fact it was good as I got to have 3 seats to myself which fits my wee fat body perfectly. I am staying at The Inn on Venice Beach which technically isn’t in Venice beach but it’s not far from it and it is pretty nice. The downside is the room they gave me had an adjoining room which is separated by a thin door so at 6am I was woken by a wee old American woman who was clearly deaf and was shouting her entire holiday plans at her deaf husband. “Marlin, we really should go to the Universal Studios and then get a bus to Santa Monica, what do you think Marlin?” I lay there wanting her to either sleep or die; her husband responded by coughing really loudly, that was just a blessing to hear that early.

Where are LA crime lords and old people killers when you need them? I spent the night having insane dreams that there was a hole in the arch of my foot in the sole and I was squeezing out of this hole a tube like substance of putrefied fruit! Yes, rotten sticking peaches and bananas were seeping out of this evil painful hole in the bottom of my left foot! What the fuck?

So back to the noisy room.

The management moved me room after I explained about old Shouty woman. I am now in a suite with a balcony. So I headed down to Venice beach and called my daughter Ashley and told her that I was standing in front of the Venice beach webcam. She logged on and text me to say she could see me but I was merely a blob in the distance! I got a lovely piece of guerrilla art for her done by a cool street artist.

The weather is really nice, the sun is shining and I miss my family already as I know I am off to NZ for a whole month and it can get lonely, but I do love my job!

Speak soon.

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