Monday, February 16, 2009

Who knows why?

My flat has been very neglected over the past week due to recent circumstances. I am behind in my West Wing watching schedule and I need to get writing next weeks Scotsman Column. I have to start designing this years fringe poster and working out the PR for the show. I am going to be at The Pleasance again this year but before all that happens I am at the Glasgow Comedy festival at the Tron Theatre on Saturday 28th March. The tickets are selling well, so that’s a great sign.

So I need to get my finger out of my ear and clean my flat, and get organised all round.

By the way I have been getting fashion and beauty tips from some bloggers and I just want to say that the photo of me with the green shirt on and long dark hair is two years old. My hair is shorter, lighter and my dad says I am just beautiful, but then he is quite old and his eyes are wonky. So quit telling me how to look, I have perfected my grubby image over the years and I am happy with my slightly dishevelled fa├žade. Put it this way…I still get laid. Ok, it’s from my husband and he too has dodgy eyesight, but that’s a mere technicality. I am surrounded by blind folk who think I am gorgeous.

Life is getting back to some form of normality after my step mum’s funeral.

Last night as I sat writing I heard a strange noise coming from the kitchen at 2am. “Ashley are you sanding the kitchen units for no good reason or scraping toast?” then I smelled the burnt toast and realised that my silly child had fucked the toaster again. Like me she has a tendency to break anything electrical. Soon she will just break men.

Life has been rather dull since I haven’t been on public transport or anything that makes me collide with the public. But next week its all systems go as I get back on to my gig list and start climbing onto trains, planes and cars.

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