Monday, April 07, 2008

Soho was Fun

My run at the Soho Theatre was awesome. The three nights sold out and I had great shows. I love that theatre –so thanks for all who turned up to see me. I loved that you did.

My best mate Monica came to see my show and it was so funny to see her sitting there in the audience. She told me that my scoop neck tee shirt made a funny weird optical illusion as I held the microphone close to my cleavage when the lights illuminated me from above – basically it resembled a big black penis nestling between my boobs, every time I held it close to my chest and that made her laugh all night!

I am off to Munich to work tomorrow and will miss London – and my man- he has been wonderful keeping me well fed and watered as I run from the flat and go to work night after night.

I am never back at the flat until way after midnight, as I always end up at The Groucho after my gigs. I met some cracking comedy people and had great nights hanging out with Simon Pegg and his lovely Glaswegian wife Maureen. On Friday night I caught up with my old mate Allan Carr (Friday Night Project TV show) and even shared a quick ciggie break with Tim Roth! (Who was lovely and very down to earth, he is a top guy)

The best part was meeting all the people who came to the Soho Theatre shows after the gig. The audience were the best I could hope for and are such a great crowd.

On Sunday night I was on at the Komedia in Brighton with the delicious Topping and Butch, their show is just a joy to behold.

I am having a great time here – talk soon!

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