Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flight to NZ went Fab

I have arrived in New Zealand and all is good so far…I may fall asleep and miss my first night, who knows?
On the flight from London to Hong Kong Air New Zealand was quiet and I got four seats to myself and the on the flight from HK to Auckland I got three seats to myself, so I slept a lot. I am happy I wasn’t squashed in tight with nutty people.

I am excited about getting my first night over with and a whole night in bed sounds better than sex with George Clooney right about now, that’s how sort of out of synch I am at this moment.

At least I wasn’t exhausted on arrival and the Museum Hotel here in Wellington is awesome beyond belief! One of the best hotels I have stayed in, right now I have a washing on as I am in one of the hotel apartments they have assigned me. I am lucky.

Speak soon

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Sorry you didn't get upgrade! sounds like the flight was good anyways! Had a look at the hotel on the internet... oaft. Looks like Heaven - right along from the beach too. You are SOOOO LUCKY!

Have a great tour.... Hope everyone loves you!

Are you sure you don't need a PA to travel with you?????