Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Air New Zealand

I am flying out to New Zealand to do shows for the comedy festival over there, on April 20th.
Here is the performance dates-

April 22nd-26th Wellington San Francisco Bathhouse

April 29th- May 10th Classic Basement Theatre Auckland

The flight is extremely long and how I would love it to get an upgrade!

I can’t be the only person who ever wished this. I could never really justify the costs of going club class – so maybe- just maybe; some nice person who works for Air New Zealand would read this blog and kindly upgrade me?

I know it’s a long shot! But you never know?

I will give you a signed copy of my book, I will kiss you, I will leave you my best shoes in my will when I die…I will donate my kidneys to you!

Is there anybody out there works for Air New Zealand? (Janey gets off her knees).

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