Friday, April 04, 2008

Janey in London

I am so knackered – I am also so happy. My show at the Soho Theatre is selling great and my first night was packed. I love the Soho Theatre.

I was tired from running around all day, you see I had to get up early (again) and head off to the NZ High Commission and organise my work visa, which I did.

Though I had some trepid thoughts about this week, as the second of April was the day I finally outlived my mammy. She was murdered in April 1st 1982 and died at age 47.
I am finally 47 years old and have lived past her death date. That is a wonderful thing, although when I mentioned this to my husband he merely said “the night isn’t over yet” like I could be dead by midnight! He was joking and I am still here!

I am staying in Westminster in the amazing St. Johns flats and I adore this place. You can lie in bed and hear Big Ben clang its ancient bells, it’s so peaceful. Husband loves it as well. He likes the area.

I have two more nights at Soho Theatre then am off to Brighton on Sunday, then Munich on Monday and back to London for the rest of my working trip.

Life is good, I am older than my mum and I never had a nightmare last night!

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maybe the nightmares had gotten worse lately because you were building up to 2nd April. Now it's past, and the rest of your life is ahead of you with nothing to fear!

Good Luck Janey.