Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Tattoo…

I saw the weirdest ever tattoo on a fat girls tummy last week. At first I thought it was ‘go faster’ type stripes she had inked into her tummy either side of her bellybutton pointing up the way.

I couldn’t imagine anyone having ‘go faster’ stripes on her belly, how fast does she want someone to go when they are on top of her.
Now these stripes were jagged looking big black electric lighting stripes that she had on her tummy and I realised that she actually had those Nazi Lighting marks.

I finally identified them when I saw the tattoo’s on a white supremist in the film American History X.

She was displaying them in the hot sunshine last week; I was stunned when I saw her big fat belly wobble in a bra top and really never understood what the tattoos were.

Now I am horrified that some young girl has big Nazi tattoos on her tummy in Glasgow!

Who the fuck does that? She is living in one of the most ethnic parts of Glasgow- here in the West End. We have a Mosque across the road and a big Jewish community near by.

The girl was dragging a hot screamy toddler along with her, she looked fat, old and tired but was just a teenager.

Maybe she didn’t know what they were when she got them? I don’t know!

I have never had a tattoo and never will. I don’t really find them interesting or attractive. I don’t even have my ears pierced. Neither does Ashley. I don’t think I need anymore holes in my body. I find the thought of holes in my ears sickening; I can’t even watch people insert earrings into that hole…Yuk…

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