Thursday, June 21, 2007

London and Ashley…

My daughter Ashley and I got up early in Glasgow to fly out to London today (Wednesday). We are packed and ready to head off to Glastonbury. First we must stop off in London as I get my lift from London to the festival site and Ashley has packed a huge case of clothes which I don’t think she will be able to wear as finally the weather here in UK looks like rain.

We have a golden spring which reached temperatures of 90 degrees on some days, now when I need the weather to hold…it looks like rain in Glastonbury for the whole weekend. Wonderful.

I am so tired because as soon as we landed we got driven straight to BBC broadcasting house for me to a short piece about the festival and then a car drove us to our swish and truly awesome flat in Westminster.
I think the last person to live here was Tom Cruise…I am joking of course but you should see this place…WOW…right next door to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament…I am so lucky.

Ashley and I headed down to the Groucho club and had dinner, and then we literally slumped into seats and needed our beds.

We have a big day tomorrow, and I am not looking forward to putting up that huge tent which will be my home for the next four days…no sireee. From the lap of luxury to a big fucking muddy field…this is my life!

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