Friday, June 08, 2007

Am Sunburnt and Nippy…

I went to Balmaha beach at Loch Lomond. It’s my favourite spot in Scotland. It’s a stony beach beside a lovely Loch and usually so quiet and peaceful.
This time there were a few screaming kids that truly deserved a fork in their nasty wee foreheads…noisy fuckers.

Husband and I brought along one of those throw away barbeques, you know the ones where you light a metal tray and throw on sausages?
Now I loved the idea of a barbeque but in actual fact everything just tasted burnt and odd. Even the roll I ate it off tasted horrible, give me sandwiches any day.
Bloody barbeques! Wish I could have thrown those noisy kids onto the hot coals.

I made sure husband had enough sun block as the temperature soared, I forgot to put any on myself and today I am red and striped, I look like a barber’s pole.

My neckline is rosy red and around my eyes are big white circles where my glasses sat and my cheeks look like a Halloween cake, with big bulgy red circles.

I am sore and grumpy.

At least I have lost weight, not sure if this is my diet working or I have bowel cancer, as I had the skits for weeks off and on now. I am living on tablets that stop me having the runs. This is not good and I need to get a docs appointment. It may be stress, I am not sure.

Am off to watch TV and take Imodium…

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