Saturday, June 30, 2007

Leeds and flying Telly’s

I am going home tomorrow and getting everything ready for my posters and flyers for my two shows at Edinburgh this year. I am doing a chat show at 5pm at Green Room and a one woman comedy show at Pleasance at 7pm - tickets are available online and selling well already! To book online for my one woman comedy show go to Booking Link

Hopefully I will see all my blog mates in Edinburgh and we can have a blog party!

Meanwhile I am in Leeds for three days doing comedy at Jongleurs. I do love this city; it has a great canal walk and wonderful old buildings to look round.
Instead of staying at the appointed hotel, we opted to live in the K Space apartments and they are awesome. I have a wonderful two bedroom flat with en suite bathrooms and amazing spacious living room with a huge balcony.
I love staying at K Space as you get the feel of a being at home as opposed to living in a one room hotel accommodation which always ends up a fight with husband and I.

He never sleeps good at night and ends up pacing the room if we are stuck together in a hotel or puts the television on really loud and that means I cant sleep but I can fucking fight…so having an apartment saves the marriage.

The apartments are in a tall block and last night around 2 am some people in the apartment block opposite started chucking their furniture out of their window.

Husband and I stood on our balcony and watched a sofa, a TV and various pieces of household items being thrown from the balcony on the 6th floor onto the parapet beneath, it was really rock and roll but I assume it may have been some crazy people who had a party and decided furniture throwing is an Olympic sport.

That’s Leeds for you!

See you all in Edinburgh hopefully!

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