Monday, July 26, 2010

Is this who I am?

I think and worry and think and fret, what will the fringe bring? Will Ashley and I finally get a show together in time for the opening? We have a basic idea of what we are doing and I have done kids shows before, it will be fine, but should we do more and worry more?

My own show isn’t ready BUT it never is, I always leave it to the opening night to decide what the show will be about and it works for me. I could have a well honed rehearsed and well aired previewed show that is match fit ready for the fringe…but that’s not who I am.

Will the flat we have hired be nice? They usually always are nice and for three grand a month it should be awesome…people in Edinburgh can let their house out for one month and that pays for their mortgage for the whole year! The prices in general go up in Edinburgh and we comics alone bring so many people to the fringe and now the Edinburgh council are charging us money to put up each poster on their streets. We cannot put up a poster without their permission or say-so.

Imagine if we just decided to piss off and take our festival elsewhere, we would take about 6 million pounds with us, yet the council still manage to screw us for cash and expect us to thank them for the anal fisting they gave us and charged us for.

I am being bitter, but the Fringe does cost a lot of cash, even if you do it yourself like I do. With some promoters you could sell every single seat on every single night and STILL owe them cash…that’s why I go it alone and do it myself. I make cash every year at the fringe, not GREAT cash, but enough to make me happy and grateful people still come to see me in a good venue.

The reason I go to the Edinburgh Fringe is that I LOVE IT…I love getting to go onstage every single night and enjoy meeting new people and I even enjoy the comedy critics who run about finding out who is the next big thing so they don’t have to think about the reviews, they just need to like who everyone else is liking!

I love getting to see all my favourite comics in the one city, I love getting to see live drama and being part of a big fabulous festival. Just lying in that strange bedroom, on someone else’s sheets, smelling strange aromas and having excited butterflies in my stomach…all anticipating the forthcoming shows.

All the info for my shows can be found on my website if you are interested, and do remember Ashley and I will be doing number three of the podcast on Wednesday!
Come to Edinburgh and join me in the fun…

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Tiglet said...

Bravo Janey...why did it take ne so long to discover you...thats my only regret:)