Monday, July 12, 2010

Approaching Life

Ashley has decided that I need more exercise, so much so, she makes me do sit ups on a machine thing that I found in a skip.

Ok, you want to know about me in a skip don’t you? Here’s what happened – I often pass a skip and see things in it I can use. Its my old hand me down working class roots coming to the fore, anyway I saw an exercise machine FULLY BOXED and untouched and needing assembled so I took it. Ashley was mortified because she is middle class and can speak French and has been on a pony. I have walked in plastic sandals to school in winter so my attitude is different. I take stuff off the street and out of skips.

Once I saw a cracking standing lamp on the Great Western Road and started dragging with me until a man chased me screaming “what the hell are you doing lady?” I didn’t know he was moving house and not throwing out stuff from a student flat did I?

I am known for my skip hunting technique, I once found a baby in skip, and how did you think I got Ashley? Ok, that was a joke.
Anyway the exercise machine is one of those sit up curvy things and its good and hurts like hell, I know this as Ashley MAKES me do it and then she does it, but she doesn’t have giant breasts that threaten to muffle her mouth when she does sit ups and I do!

My side and back ache like hell and I now wish I had left the machine in the skip.

Meanwhile I am getting ready for my Edinburgh shows, as you all know by now Ashley and I are doing a kids show at Pleasance Dome at 12.45pm and I am doing my one woman comedy show at Pleasance Dome at 7pm every night of the fringe which starts on 4th of August.

I have a lovely sponsor for my posters and flyers; she is called Anna at

I am very grateful for her help, so if you need an awesome graphic designer do get in touch with them!

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