Saturday, May 09, 2009

Wellington and Rain

I have loved being here in Wellington though it rained nonstop for days on end which meant I stayed in my room until show time. I really hate that I never got to go around Wellington and doing stuff, I never ate down at the water front, I never went up the cable car, all the things I have done before. It just rained and made me quite depressed lying in the dark in my hotel room.

The shows have been going great guns and the festival people look after you so well. Dan Crozier finally got me a phone I could use (it wasn’t his job to get me phone but he is awesome) but the phone is all smashed in on the screen and it looks like it was lifted from a rape crime scene. There might be blood splatters on it, BUT it works and that’s the main thing.

I have hardly seen hide or hair of Blanket Man the famous Wellington street hobo. Even he got out of the rain. I miss him in a strange way.

The San Francisco Bath House (which isn’t a gay sauna) is a wonderful venue and Ziggy and his crew make everyone so welcome and the shows have been selling out good.

Today I did the Kids Comedy Shows and that was a great experience. On Sunday I do one kids show then fly to Auckland and go straight into Diva’s Comedy busy life.

My bit in NZ telly at the comedy Gala was awesome, I am so glad they didn’t edit the Susan Boyle skit that I did and I will get it uploaded to YouTube as soon as possible. Meanwhile you can see it on Facebook if you are added as my friend!

My Twitter count is going up as well, I gained 100 people in the last week...I am touched.

Missing husband and Ashley and my daddy of course, will tell you all about Auckland when I get there.

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