Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let the good time roll

I am loving the Classic comedy venue in Auckland. Last night was my second night and the audience were just great, explaining King William of Orange to complete strangers is the funniest fucking thing alive. It makes me realise how ridiculous The Orange Walk and crazy Glasgow Protestants really is.

Luckily people are loving the show as are the critics. I do love New Zealand so much. Today I woke up and the sun shone for the first time since I got here but no doubt the rain will batter down before lunch time. I got up early to do the Kim and Corbett shows on More FM here in Auckland and those guys are just hilarious!

Last night at The Classic I got to hang out after the show and saw wee Jimmy the ‘small person’ actor, he is about 3 feet tall, he came in with the tallest woman in the world, she is about 7 feet tall and I giggled. Yes, but Jimmy is a mate and he saw the madness in it as well. He and the tall lady are mates, who knew?

Today Scott and Bridget who own the Classic are awaiting the arrival of their baby; Bridget is being induced or ‘introduced’ to the baby today hopefully. So Scott is all stoical but totally jittery as a bag of blind cats! Bless them and hopefully today will see all their dreams come true.

Comedy clubs and festivals must be the last thing on their mind, yet they still run a tight ship. It puts everything into perspective when you worry about shows and here are two loving parents preparing for a baby!

My daughter Ashley left University last week. I can’t believe I missed her last day. In this job you miss so much, like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and last day of school and first day of term.

I am so very proud of Ashley, she has just done her Honours in Screenplay writing (I think that is what the course is, I always say it wrong or she changes it yearly). She has screeds of O’levels, A’levels and now a degree and Honours thingy (am not educated enough to understand) and she is the first in countless generations of my family and I suppose husbands direct family to attend University, am so very the proud mum today.

I lay in bed yesterday and thought back to that very first day of school when she was super excited and all dressed up in her wee green blazer and hat, carrying a leather satchel and off to school. Her big eager smile and long thick blonde hair in a plaits, was it really so long ago? She insisted on kissing every single teddy bear before she left to assure them she would be back and all the boys that lived in out tenement block all came out to watch her go, we all had a wee tear in our eyes. Husband vomited buckets, he was distraught at her leaving and although it was a private school, it wasn’t boarding!

So now my big girl is all done. I am so very chuffed for her, she can be everything and do everything we never got the chance to do. Go Ashley!

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