Monday, February 05, 2007

Noisy Sex!

My daughter Ashley and I were laughing as we were recalling the night in a hotel in Auckland where we were staying when I was touring there last year.
We had a lovely hotel suite and one night about 3am the room next door had banging noises that soon woke us up and we immediately recognised the noises as SEX….we giggled.
The sex got so noisy and violent that plates fell from our kitchen shelf!

In the morning, as we left for breakfast we saw the room next door open…..we stood and waited to see the sexy beasts emerge, expecting to see two young fit healthy Kiwi’s, but what did come out of the room was a pair of really OLD MEN!

Ashley and I pissed ourselves laughing…..the two old guys smiled and shuffled towards the lifts.
I can’t even begin to imagine what they had been doing….I just walked on and went for some coffee!

The same thing happened last week when we were in Nottingham in a Holiday Inn.
Some incredibly fit couple woke us up banging fuck out of the wall we shared with our beds. We were separated with some cheap thin plaster and most of our night was taken up with two people who had watched porn and thought the best way to have a good time was to fucking scream their way through sex….I thought a pigeon was being slammed off the walls!

Who are these people?

I don’t have the energy to shout and thrash that much during sex, I am too old and fat!

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