Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Janey’s weird world…

I have had a really sore tummy and slept last night with a hot water bottle. I woke up this morning and stood on the cold wobbly-ness of the water bottle that had fallen on the floor and screamed.

I was half asleep and it felt like standing on a dead toddler’s cold belly beside my bed, and trust me with my nightmares that could be possible.

I am into day 3 of no smoking and it feels good-ish.

I have stopped before for almost a year! Ashley has stopped also but we both are actually ill, she has a throat and ear infection and I am suffering the worst period pains and womb cramps since an Australian midwife stuck two big metal spoons up my vag and pulled out a child.

So I am hoping we both feel better soon.

I met an old pal yesterday and she had stopped smoking two years but she was so fat as she had gained three stones in weight…holy Fuck…I hope I don’t swap fags for pies?

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