Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Janey’s World…

I have suddenly realised that being me is dull…so why write a blog then? I hear you ask…well sometimes exciting things happen.
Like last weekend when I was in Groucho and the lovely sexy pop star Sophie Ellis-Bextor came over and told me she loved my comedy work.
Her boy friend nodded in agreement, he is the bass player with the group ‘The Feeling’.

I was stunned that she has ever seen me on stage but she definitely had…I told her I loved her work, especially that song ‘Murder on the Dance Floor’ as me being from the rough part of Glasgow I had actually seen a murder on a dance floor! She laughed…her man said he loved my YOUTUBE comedy clips and I sat there amazed that they knew who I was!

The second funny weird thing that happened was I got an email from a woman who told me that after reading my autobiography she and her mates had gone on a ‘Janey Godley’ tour.
They went up to my old home in Shettleston that is mentioned in the book and my old pub in the Calton, so they could revisit all the places I had written about!
I was slightly shocked and laughed (I couldn’t think what else to do when I read it)
So there we have it…some weird stuff and some odd stuff at the same time.

Just to update, my show at East Kilbride Theatre has sold out but my one woman show at Glasgow Comedy Festival at the Garage Venue on March 8th has tickets
Still available.

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