Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Well I knew that wouldn’t last…

As always my husband who has been nice and speaking lovely to me for days, turned into a snarling fucking evil nasty bastard. He annoyed me, shouted at Ashley and I in turn verbally attacked him.
I stood in the hall and dragged up five things he did in 1986 and two fucked up verbal attacks he hit me with in 1979…he tried to answer but just stood there mumbling. As always I won, he can’t recall anything I said yesterday, so he cannot even begin to shout back any reiteration.
I then realised I had stuff to do so in the middle of the argument I screamed “Look, you cunt I am too busy to fight, here is the abbreviated version of what I would have said, if I had fucking an hour to say it, so here is the short version ‘You are a cunt!”.
This didn’t work, we carried on belittling one another, he was an evil bastard who undermined me since I was 18 years old and he is angry I have a life, I on the other hand am a controlling bitch who remembers every word in the history of the world that anyone ever said, and despises being married to someone who once fucked up years ago….
So after we did this all night, we woke up and carried on again this morning, all through lunch time and right into the afternoon we carried on screaming and crying. Then around 3pm we both looked at each other and he said to me “Are you hungry?”
So we called off the fight to make some lunch, we actually chatted and laughed as we made bread and cheese, as if the two angry fighting people were in another room and we were only shadows of them, we merely inhabited their body when they needed to fight; meanwhile we are buddies who eat together.
How fucked up is that?
So after a while we laughed and made up and finally decided to stop the fight.
That’s what marriage is….a split personality.

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