Saturday, April 22, 2006

I am going home tomorrow

Yes I am…I cannot wait either. I have missed Ashley’s birthday and my husbands cooking…and love -I suppose. I had a good gig last night, Jongleurs went well, Bristol is nice and I got some nice comments from people who have lived in Bristol telling me interesting places to visit when I am here so thanks all!
I listened to ONE WORD radio show this morning, I was on talking about ‘My Life in Books’ it really was good fun and I love doing radio shows, well I do have the face for it.
On another subject I am losing weight steadily now and I need to go buy jeans today as I can no longer hold these one up, the ass part is falling down and I look like one of those wee black gangsta’ rap kids showing off my knickers except I am 45 and my lacy black ladies knickers are ludicrous being on display!
I got a lovely write up in the METRO Bristol, am looking forward to coming back here, but will certainly move to another hotel.
My stress levels are down as my posters and ad for Fringe have beaten the deadline, I just have the Square Street poster to design and that’s almost done. Square Street is the sketch show Ashley and I are doing together, I think a mother/daughter sketch show will be fun at the Fringe and I am so excited.
Ashley performed at the Fringe in her own comedy show in 1999 when she was 13-years-old; she was in fact the youngest EVER to have her own show in the history of the Fringe!
Now she is going back a woman, fully grown and ready to have fun.
I cannot wait….

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