Sunday, April 09, 2006

Fights and strange language continued…

Since husband has been very nice and accommodating, I have become more uneasy. Is he being nice to left foot me? Am I so far down the line in this relationship that any sign of affection is seen as conflict in disguise, like some hive of killer wasps inside a Trojan horse of hugs?
I arrived home and the whole house had been cleaned from top to bottom. He had cleared out the window ledges, dusted every DVD and washed the windows, he had hoovered the floors and totally revamped the welsh dresser. The house smelled lovely, he smiled and I wanted to poke his eye out.
Husband knows that we trade insults the way small countries traded wheat, its how we worked.
I don’t know his new language nor can I decipher it. He speaks kind words with a concerned face-he asks me how I feel and I want to throw myself out of the top floor window.
He looks at me and tells me he never cared enough for me and he will always be there…I want back the shouty man I know how to work, the shouty man I understand…I know his native tongue and already have the currency.
Who is this alien in my home and bed?
Who is this bloke with therapy speak?
Where is the man who sneers at me and bites back at every word we have exchanged since 1979?
Watch this SPACE….

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