Saturday, March 09, 2013


Imagine there was a place where women weren't really valued ? They were occasionally allowed but only in rare numbers, and men who were not always as well qualified got the better jobs over the women?


Think of this place...are you picturing it ? This is a place where men can talk about equality, values and the plight of people in today's politics. They have adverts where they extol the virtues of men and how good men are in this place.


If a woman dares to complain about the lack of women in the place, the men mostly turn their backs and make sure they don't say anything, as they may not get work again or are seen as 'trouble makers' and the women are told the reason they aren't valued is because they aren't good enough, they are made to seem...."whingey and bitter". It shatters the women's confidence and plays to her insecurities.


When they televise men doing this job in their place, they have heaps of men and occasionally they will have a female...but she might not be in the same job, she can be a model or a presenter who doesn't pose any threat to the men, as she does a different job altogether. She will be neutral. The women who do the same job rarely get a chance as they may be a challenge to the men or maybe the public don't like seeing women do this, as they aren't used to it as they haven't fully been introduced to women doing this job the men do.


These men will take their jobs seriously and the Army take them over to speak to the troops, paying them heaps of money. There are women in the troops but they rarely see women talking to them, but they can see women in sexy bikini's dancing for the men.


This isn't some middle eastern corporation based on sexism and inhibiting women's rights....this is comedy in the UK...comedy today. Luckily there are people trying to change this and slowly making changes....the glass ceiling is not a myth...good news is we women keep it clean every time we reach it.


Happy International Women's Day.


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