Thursday, June 24, 2010

L A’s fine the sun shines most the time

I have arrived…in Los Angeles. The flight was amazing, as I got upgraded to club class and lay down, slept, nibbled on lobster…had a reaction, took an anti histamine and slept more. Yes, rock and roll hives that’s my life. I know I can’t eat shell fish, but it was too good not to itch over is all I am saying.

On landing in LA you have to wait ominous queues to get through customs and every second woman was a wee Indian lady in ethnic dress with no command of English and the Americans just pissed themselves with excitement holding them back and shouting out “Can anyone speak Urdu?”

A woman from the back of the queue came forward and translated. I laughed, as it doesn’t take high intelligence to understand that if they are using passengers on the same flight as people to translate the potential ‘immigrant liars’ then…who knows…isn’t this an old plot line from 24?

Anyway more queues happened. We then had to line up to get out of the airport and get more immigration checks. My mate Daryl was on the other side waiting on me as he was driving me to my friend’s house. I couldn’t call Daryl as there is no signal to use phones in immigration.

Anyway I finally got out of the airport and INTO the HEAT of LA.

Daryl and his lovely girlfriend and I had a leisurely drive up to my mate’s house, which by the way is amazing. They have a pool and I have a new swimming costume…what’s not to love?

So I have had a full nights sleep, had some nice food and am now sitting by the pool deck writing a blog. By the way I heard England managed to score a goal….is that actually true?


Claudia Lawrence said...

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Lora Amir Husin said...

Janey, that's a fact of life that must be experienced by someone. Everyone should try to look at with a sense of fair and wise. Sometimes, someone must see the other people with all its weaknesses, strengths and needs. They could, in special conditions, someone must lie in order to achieve his desire. for example, the immigrant, use the services of someone who understands the language of her country. the translator might do lie for his friend.
By the way, nice posting Janey.

Anonymous said...

Ah...blogging by the pool. Who doesn't do that in LA? heh. Sounds like you're living a bit of the dream life!