Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I love it here

At home I mean, I do love travelling but sometimes it can make you mental. The journey from Nottingham back to Glasgow was a strain, the bus trundling through the East Midlands was hot as hell and with no air-con made me heave and the bloody charges for a suitcase by British Midlands was enough to make me want to walk back!

But it’s good to be back, my own house, my TV all recorded and saved made me smile. I don’t think anyone watches the telly randomly anymore, who wants to sit through adverts? Not me. I haven’t seen an ad in yonks now. Everything I watch is recorded and played with a speedy button to skip through the adverts, and is it just me but when the adverts do come on they are LOUD as hell? When did that start happening, I heard it when I went to the loo and the left the programme running, I was in the right place to get a fright that’s for sure.

It’s the same with my favourite music site Spotify, I play it and when adverts come on I simply push the headphones in until the wee pie chart showing the advert time diminishes. I don’t want to hear British Gas lie about waiting for you to come home before they come to your door, not after they kicked my niece Ann Mags door in, changed her meter and broke her door illegally and left her a tool kit to fix it. She got them back through and was on BBC Watchdog after British Gas admitted she wasn’t a customer of theirs! So the irony of them letting you know they will send a text to let you know they are coming is a lie, they waited till she went to the school gates and entered her house illegally. She got compensation from them and threatened to sue. That’s my girl. I never want to hear their lying voices ever again.

I am off to see my dad tonight as well, I do miss my dad and worry about him, but he is fine and since my step mum sadly passed away, he has been a bit lost. There is that never ending feeling that I can’t do enough for him, though he is very independent and doesn’t need that much looking after, I just miss him. He is also wicked fun and has the same sense of humour as me, so that helps.

He told me he went into Georges Square for a walk and in my head just the image of him sitting alone in that square in the blistering heat watching families having fun made me cry. He didn’t see it that way; he was keeps himself going and like going to visit nice parts of the city.

So our sunny spell has vanished from the skies, it was hot as hell in the UK for the past week, but Scotland is dull again with just a mild heat coming through. To be honest I prefer the spring to the bursting sun.

I am off to London again this weekend, though its bloody Bank Holiday weekend and am not sure am gonna get a seat on the train to Bournemouth from Waterloo and I don’t fancy standing for two hours before a show.

It irks me that the first class carriage is empty and the economy carriage is heaving with people standing at the toilets for space. That’s why I always end up in First Class just sitting on a seat demanding to be left alone and NO am not paying an extra £94 for the seat…its a train for fucksake not a gold plated diamond encrusted cushion. I paid for a train journey not a human traffic experience.

Its going to be exciting…I can’t wait.

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