Friday, March 12, 2010

The Glasgow Comedy Festival 2010

Yes, it has begun and I love the festival in my wee home town. Comedy is very much a Glaswegian thing; we just seem to be a funny bunch of folk in Glasgow, which isn’t to say people from Dumfries, Hawick or Prestonpans aren’t inherently funny, but well…are they? We in Glasgow are the kind of people who can turn a queue at a bus stop into a comedy gig, and that my friend is something I have never seen in London or elsewhere!

My one woman show is at The Tron Theatre on Thursday 25th March you can get tickets here I would love to see you there!

Last night I headed down to The Stand in Glasgow and watched the amazing Benjamin Crellin, he is a Kiwi comic mate of mine from New Zealand and Ben’s stuff always makes me smile from the inside out- very clever and interesting comedy juice flows out of him.

There are heaps of big TV names coming to Glasgow and that’s nice but it’s always good to go watch a comic who doesn’t have a huge profile yet and you can be the first to say you say him/her in a basement gig in Glasgow.

The weather in Glasgow has been lovely actually; really sunny but dry and cold, just the way I like it. I am still off the fags (I hear you groan AGAIN!) yes, bloody again and this time I am also embarking on a keep fit regime to help me lose weight and get my mojo back. I am carrying three stones too much weight and no wonder I am always tired, it must be like dragging 14 bags of potatoes on my skeleton every time I climb stairs!

I am currently getting everything ready for the Edinburgh Fringe and am doing two shows this year, one is a kid’s show with my daughter Ashley and one is my own comedy show at night. The sheer amount of form filling is dementing for me- and don’t even start me on how many hundreds of pounds each brochure entry needs, and how much every adverts costs, its basically a big rip off by people who will always have a demand – probably never before have you witnessed a rush to by advert space like there is with the Fringe Brochures! No sales team needed to cold call and convince people they need an advert! No, just a till and credit card machine that gobbles up the cash in Edinburgh as the money comes rolling in.

Yet – I still do it every year. I do love the festival and I enjoy it in stress free way other people get mad about. But then I am someone who used to work 16 hours a day in a bar for 15 years so – working two hours a day on two shows is basically a holiday!

Enjoy the Glasgow comedy festival and do come to the Tron if you fancy a night out with me and my lovely audience. Janey

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