Monday, September 24, 2007

The Samaritan’s

There is a wonderful organisation here in the UK called The Samaritans who are on call 24 hours a day; they listen to people who are on their hunkers and at their deepest darkest despair. Sometimes people just need to talk, it doesn’t have to be suicide it can be about bullying, worries about health, family…anything really. They listen. They have volunteers and do sterling work.

I donated a signed copy of my book and a huge painting that was part of an award winning art exhibition, the painting is called ‘One Night in New York’ and the bidding is on EBAY and it’s only up there for ten days. Here is the link

EBAY Auction

Please check it out and get bidding of you want a fabulous original artwork and give some well needed money to charity. It will be so worthwhile and you can stare at my painting that has some really funny swear words written boldly on it, something to annoy the in
laws and local church group with!

Thanks guys!

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