Sunday, August 12, 2007


The amazing John Smeaton is the man who kicked into the terrorists who tried to explode Glasgow airport back in June. He is my exclusive guest on my chat show on August 23rd at the Green Room venue.
I spoke to him today and he is a lovely big guy and mine is the only show he is appearing in at the Edinburgh Fringe, so tickets are selling like hotcakes today.

I am so loving my time at the fringe this year, the reviews have been great and the venues are wonderful- aside from the ticket problems we have been having. It seems some people cannot get a ticket as the show is showing up as sold out when in fact there are some tickets left.

The rain in Edinburgh is making everyone mental but we did have some sunshine last week.
Everyone in our flat is going mad, door slam loudly due to some technical design, there are mousetraps but no mice as yet, the boiler makes a humming sound all night and the seagulls caw loudly at 5am...nice.

Talk soon…

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