Sunday, August 05, 2007

Here is the News from Edinburgh

Well we are all manic. Ashley’s play has started down at the Ego venue and my two shows are going great guns. The ticket system is a pain in the arse. Firstly, the Fringe Box office and the Pleasance can’t decide how to work out and sell the tickets and then they are varying accounts of how many have been sold. It’s so annoying.

My chat show at the Green Room has been such good fun, the venue is still a bit up in the air and they have yet to get proper signs to let people know where the place is and that’s making me insane.

My comedy show ‘Tell It Like It Is’ up at Pleasance Dome is selling well and we have had reviewers in from day one so I am eagerly anticipating them.

I did a video promo with Paul Provenza for my show, I stand there and chat to camera and Paul sexually assaults me basically, well I say assault, he gropes me and I ignore it and keep chatting to camera as if nothing is happening. It’s funny, but odd.

Then Paul does his promo and I come on camera, bend in front of his flies, unzip them and pull out a banana then start eating it at his crotch. It looks mental.

Then I almost killed someone by accident. A young guy at the Green Room hurt his back and I gave him co codamol painkillers, then I went into my show and when I came out people were running about trying to find me as he had taken a reaction to the painkillers that I had gave him.

All is well and all is mad, but I am getting there.

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