Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What a day!

I met up with an old pal called Big Betty. I knew her from my pub days and she is a right funny character. She asked me all about my work in comedy and loved chatting about my autobiography as she recalled all the incidents in my past.
I decided to open up my laptop and show her some of my sketches, the one she requested is the short film on You Tube of Ashley and I performing the skit about Ashley being ‘Special Needs’ girl.
As we were watching the sketch it slowly dawned on me that she had a Downs Syndrome cousin and I started to feel awfully odd….she simply pursed her lips and looked me in the eye and said

“I really don’t approve of this you know my cousin Sally had special needs, I am offended at this, and she never asked to be born that way”

I paused and replied “Actually Ashley did this sketch because when she went to the local kids club, she always recalled how Sally would beat her up for crayons, Sally was 28 years of age and Ashley was 3 years old, she told me that she always had to take the crap and no one would help her, so she figured that there was comedy in the manipulation that Sally wielded on her”

Big Betty agreed…slightly and smiled through gritted teeth.

The conversation continued and Big Betty decided to tell me how she lives downstairs from “Three Darkies from Nigeria, and that the Paki’s who work with her really smell funny and stink” I gasped at the sheer amount of political incorrectness spilling from her wee funny mouth and shuddered.

“I find that kind of talk offensive, I have a relative who is half Indian and funnily enough he never asked to be born that way either, although he is very happy and we would never change the way he is” I snapped at her.

She burst out laughing as did I and she said “well we are both right, I suppose Sally is retarded and your relative is a Paki”

“Both of us are wrong actually” I said.

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