Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Extreme sports people….

Yet again two men have been found after being lost in the Scottish mountains and died later of hypothermia, it’s really sad but I have a theory and possibly the answer.

Big frozen hostile mountains in Scotland are not MEANT to be climbed by human beings especially in the WINTER TIME!

If you really want to get an adrenaline rush, then lock yourself into a two bedroom flat that is occupied with two mental unstable needle wielding junkies and a starving Alsatian dog, cut off the electricity and stay there until you find the exit. The worst that can happen is- you may get jagged with a dirty needle and bitten by a tufty mad dog, but the excitement will be awesome AND the air rescue people won’t be involved.

I reckon when God (if it was him that made the earth) designed our world- he did it in a certain way that people can live on the flat safe bits and scary animals like bears and wolves can live in the high frozen bits, same as the sea….we don’t have the capability to breathe underwater so we STAY on the safe flats bits and don’t get eaten by sharks and killed by sting-rays or other underwater predators that live there. It just makes sense.

I don’t really understand people who pack stuff into a wee bag and decide to brave the elements and climb up a sheer snowy cliff face….doesn’t make any sense at all to me. It’s not as if there is a prize at the top?

Glasgow is freezing just now and if I could go to the shops with a feather duvet wrapped around me and tied at the waist with a rope then I would! I fucking hate the cold.

My idea of extreme sports is going to the local video store without wearing a bra, or peeing with the toilet door open, or having sex without brushing my teeth in the morning.

If you really need an adrenaline rush then buy adrenaline in injection form from a crooked nurse and hit up in your toilet, keep off our fucking frozen KILLER mountains……you will die!

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