Sunday, November 19, 2006

Children in Need singing…..

Craig Hill and I were part of the SPEX –Factor charity singing competition live on BBC Scotland on Friday night. It was all for Children in Need! We were up against TV presenters Julian Sinclair and his brother Cameron Stout, and the BAFTA award winning actors Kate Dickie and Ian Robertson. We were all doing The Proclaimers songs and GOD they are hard to sing without shouting!

I have never been that excited in my life! There I was all dressed up in a wee kilt, a new bra and top (The bra did make my boobies really high and scary but too late to go back now) and I stepped onto the huge stage set with my lovely singing comedy pal Craig Hill. I had to hike up my short legs onto the tall stool and sing my heart out and meanwhile my bladder felt like it would burst!
Craig can really-really sing and I am not too good but I did my best and we made a great effort, we even had a wee waltz at the end. The studio was mobbed with loads of fund raisers and guests, the air was full of flying cameras and strong lights and I was so happy we sang well.

The atmosphere was wonderful and we all knew it was for charity so we were all very supportive of each other and full of nerves. Craig is the consummate professional and never once made me feel nervous and encouraged me to sing my soul out…I LOVE him.

It was a phone result and after the votes came through Craig and I were knocked out first….we laughed our asses off and did breathe a wee sigh of relief because the next song we had to sing ‘Letter from America’ was so bloody hard we kind of relaxed that we didn’t have to go through with it, but it was such good fun that we all enjoyed the night.

There was such a party atmosphere backstage and God knows how that BBC Scotland staff managed all those people and all those kids and all those bloody short takes in between dealing with network BBC was amazing! I was impressed.
Husband called me and told me he was very proud of me and said I had ‘sexy legs’ on TV, dad called me and told me ‘You sat really nice on that stool’ (nothing about my singing obviously) and Ashley was DJ-ing in a club and said she could see me in silence as they kept the big screen on in her club and she clapped as she saw me walk on.

One of the judges in the studio was Lamar the sexy black UK soul singer and he was so nice and gave me some lovely compliments…..cute black man…mmmm…the Sugarbabes were live in our studio also and they were so gorgeous and tiny and sang like sexy angels!

I had such a great night and may give up comedy to pursue a career in pop music now...AM JOKING, thanks to all who voted and supported the charity.

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