Friday, July 04, 2014

Always Scented Pads WHY??

I am a Scottish woman aged 53 years old. I have been having a menstrual period since 1979. 
My womb basically feels like a cluster bomb has erupted and the pain is two steps down from childbirth. 
Every 28 days I live on extra strong painkillers, on a few occasions I genuinely considered a morphine suppository and I go to sleep once a month petrified my bed will look like someone has left a horses severed head on the sheets. I live with it.

I adore that we no longer have the days of skanky ripped up rags or torturous panty pad belts that exacerbate the discomfort like some kind of kinky Catholic pain penance device, so don't think I am ungrateful for your pads. Their invention was long awaited.

What I cannot understand is what MAN in your department decided that 'scented' pads was the way to go. REALLY? SCENTED? Who was this man and why did he do this? Does he live with a woman?

The last thing I need to smell amongst the foul stench of stale blood and iron fillings is a 'hint of fresh flowers' permeating from my knickers as I go to for a pee or a pad change.

My poor husband bought these pads in a panic buy ( I was at home plotting to burn the city down) and he knew nothing of the 'fresh scented' addition. We are now divorced, well not really....but I shouted something's about his dead mother that I fear I can never take back.

You scented pads did this.

Just so you know, there are no 'scents' in the world that would cover up the dead fleshy honk that emanates from my womb, other than constant bathing and the kind of wipe down that is reminiscent of those forensic house cleaners after a dead body has been found in a static caravan.

So quit with the 'flowery scented pads' women's vagina's do not smell of flowers and never will unless I die from period pains and my husband shoves a bouquet up there as a lasting testimony about the stuff I said to him about his mum when he bought me your 'fresh scented pads'.

Thanks for this @janeygodley 

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