Friday, August 26, 2011

Where have I been?

Yep, been about a month since I blogged and am blaming the Edinburgh fringe. I know! I didn’t even do a show this year, for the first time since 2002 I never actually put on a comedy show, I merely hung out and boy was I surprised. Firstly, I never realised how many people I dislike and can avoid easily and cannot believe how many people I now love and made new friends with. I had more productive meetings, castings and gigs NOT doing a fringe!

I got to hang out with Steve O him of Jackass fame, and Tom Green of Freddy Got Fingered fame and just so many amazing comics, playwrights and cool dudes. I have to say though my old buddy Paul Provenza has a show at fringe called The Set List Show where comics go onstage and in 15 seconds get told what subjects they have to weave into a live set. It is the most exhilarating frightening satisfying comedy show I have ever done – so much so I did it five times and with gusto! It’s like that very first gig; I wanted to keep doing it till it broke me like a bad boyfriend!

So here I am finally updating my blog which am ashamed of ignoring but seriously people I was out till 7am some mornings partying like I was born in 1999. The other news is Ashley has been performing in an awesome sketch troupe and finally didn’t have to produce my show after 10 years; she has been my fringe anchor since she was 15 and she deserved a break. I haven’t been to see her show as she doesn’t want me there and I respected that but glowed under the amazing comments everyone has been giving the show she worked in. So proud of my girl.

So here I am in London sitting in the dark after midnight writing a blog, wondering if anyone missed me and wondering if you are still there listening to me after 7 years of blogging. I am at Soho Theatre this week and it’s been amazing getting to do a one woman show again!

By the way, I have had weird dreams about my dog Major, he died in 1975 and yet as darkness falls and the sound of my own breath comforts me, I slip back into my skinny teen body and run through the park as Major runs ahead, barking and encouraging me to chase him. I wake up exhilarated and with a new spring of joy in my step, it doesn’t make me sad, I get to see him again.

So I have come back blog readers, and am not being lazy anymore, please keep coming back to see me?

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