Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why am I so sleepy and my Irn Bru day out

Am starting to worry, I sleep till midday and don’t have jet lag and have a dull ache in the side of my head and am now convinced I have a big brain tumour, that’s what I am like! It can’t just be stress or a headache it has to be a dangerous illness. I am going to shut up now.

So life has been busy, the one woman show at Oran Mor was just a delight, I did about two hours and the place was packed to the gunnels, so lovely to have that many people come see me despite me not being on telly! The problem with doing live shows and not having a TV presence is that people don’t know you enough and assume if you are not on telly then you are not worth coming to see! A few comedy mates who are brilliant are suffering the same issue, they have small tours on but folk won’t attend, unless Michael McIntyre has validated you, you are not worth seems.

Anyway Oran Mor was a triumph and I loved being there and Ashley got up and did some warm up for me, I am so chuffed that she is that confident and funny. Doing the podcast with her has been awesome and it is going from strength to strength, if you read this and don’t know how to get to the podcast just Google Janey Godley’s Podcast and you will be there in a click.

We had a lovely day husband and I, we went down to Balmaha which is on the shores of Loch Lomond where my niece Ann Margaret was camping with her wee brood of kids and I got some lovely pictures of Abi, Shaun and Julia, three wee city kids who stood for hours trailing a fishing net into shallow waters whilst tucked into ill fitting welly’s but happy as Larry! They didn’t ask for shots on the Iphone or moaned for a DVD player, they all happy ran about in the snappy cold or sat in the tent eating crisps. Husband managed to organise all their food, cooking utensils and gas equipment into a neat row beneath a folding table he brought, as Aspergers and camping do sort of clash. He doesn’t cope well with chaos and Ann Margaret, her husband Rob and the kids do chaos very well. Husband managed to sort things into size ratio and keep it that way whilst he was there. The kids don’t care about his oddness and couldn’t wait to get big warm hugs and a sit on his knee wrapped in his special blanket that husband keeps folded in the back of his car.

Ann Margaret is such a good mum, Shaun is 13 and at that age where every single thing he wants or says is loaded with conflict, yet you should see him love his wee sisters. He is so tender and caring and adept at getting them on and off swings and he guards them like a lion near bigger kids and he is better than a life guard when they stood on the edge of the loch. You can see the photos on my facebook page. Shaun is at that age where he is waiting to be a man, arguing with everyone and yet is still capable of holding wee Julia age 4 round his waist and loving her with all his big heart.

Abi is seven and knows everything and everyone in the world it seems, there is little she doesn’t understand and what she doesn’t know she makes up but tells it with complete conviction that you are convinced she will be a politician in at least six months time.

It was good being with the kids; it always brightens my day to be around them. But I need to get back to work and back to writing, which I am procrastinating about. It feels as though I have jetlag again for no good reason, you can’t get jetlag after driving half an hour to Loch Lomond can you?

This week was brightened up by Irn Bru (for non Scots Google it and find out about our real National drink) anyway the people at Irn Bru have made a new summer advert and its really good, it’s a pastiche of a jolly summer postcard image set in Scotland with awesome animation. The music is of course Paolo Nutini and I loved it, the Irn Bru adverts are legendary, so watch out for this one. We also got some nice freebies! Thank you Irn Bru.

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