Sunday, March 27, 2011

Am being a bit more positive

Being back onstage in Glasgow makes me happy as hell. Ashley is happy now that she doesn’t have to hear me through a microphone every night nor has to sleep in the same bed as me. So the Godley/Storrie combo is deliriously excited. Poor Ashley was with me on tour through Adelaide and was subjected to my presence in all forms for a whole month.

When I was on tour living in hotels all I ate was biscuits, and hot pies at night, literally the biggest trucker heart attack diet of a lifetime and am paying for it now, suffice to say Ryvita is now my snack of choice. Eating balsa wood is fine by me.

The Glasgow Comedy Festival is in full swing and I love it, like you cannot believe. Over the weekend I did Glasgow Highlights comedy club, I normally MC the show but it was great doing a 20 again. Bless, the sold out show gave me a standing ovation and I walked off stage misty eyed. To see big burly blokes on their feet cheering, just felt awesome, not just women not just older folk but a full range of top Glasgow people giving me love! I love comedy and Glasgow and it’s down to being positive about stuff.

Now don’t think for a minute I have joined a bongo collective and taken up spiritual hugging, am just being very positive about things in my world and it seems the more I avoid negative things, the more positive I get. It’s not a religion or some tree hugging exercise, just deciding to have a mental state of being positive does help.

Instead of looking at my bedroom and sighing “this whole room needs painted, the floors need re-doing” I think...I have had so much fun in here and might get round to organising it to look better, then again it’s just a house!

I also decided not to go to Edinburgh as the thought of doing a whole month of negative people moaning about the state of their ticket sales (me included), etc...Just made me sad inside my soul, so am going on holiday instead. See- Positivity! The good news is I have had a radio show pilot commissioned and the people around me and the work am doing feels so much better! I will have bad luck, I will get refused jobs, I will get sick, my dad will eventually die but there is no need to constantly be worn down with negativity till shit happens. I was never given to depression, luckily I have never suffered it and I was always wary that happiness is also over rated, but it’s time to stop being down on everything for me.

Don’t worry, am not happy clappy and suggesting we all paint rainbows, am still the snarling snappy anger ridden sarcastic Janey, just not as down on the world or cynical as I have been. Even my skin looks better!

Now to face the challenge of losing weight, I am about four stones in the red and need to get shot of that. I am 50 this year and need to make sure I don’t get diabetes or heart disease and I want to feel sexy in my knickers that no longer fit. I am still off the fags so I expected to gain weight and now I have and now it’s time for it to go. Am off to eat dust flavoured Ryvita with tea, talk soon.

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