Sunday, August 02, 2009

It’s all GO

I am up to my eyes in doing last minute stuff, Ashley is home and that’s great. Dad is basically breaking things in his house and needs me to go up and look at the broken things he has broke, which is always fun. It really is cool getting to spend time with him though, he has stopped swearing too much, he was swearing a lot after mum died and I think he had one big sweary week and got it all out, so its all over. I love my dad. I will miss him when I go to Edinburgh and am slightly worried he will befriend the squirrels in his garden and start buying them Brazil nuts.

Ashley had fun in London and thanks to Sue she had a great place to stay. I adore Sue for looking after her, also my mates Angela and David who gave her heaps of support. Ashley had been helping out with some filming with Dodgy Dave Courtney and decided to back out of the last day, just as well as Dave got raided by the police and got put in prison. The last thing I needed was my daughter being caught up in a gun raid, again! The last time she was involved in a gun raid she was 8 years old and it was me and her dad, being dragged out in cuffs. She doesn’t need to go through that again.

So, it is good to have Ashley home, she is holed up in her room listening to some geeky Star Trek podcast. That’s what she does.

I have to get my hair done, I have to get a radio show done, I have to get packed and I have to make sure everything is sorted for my opening show on Wednesday. The house basically looks like Paddy’s Market, with heaps of clothes everywhere.

I love the opening week of The Fringe, I have about six opening parties to go to, and probably won’t make any of them. I have an acute ear infection AGAIN…and am convinced the big dull pain that sits on the side of my head is a big evil brain tumour waiting to burst and kill me! If I die like that you can all say “She knew that was going to happen” and then I will be right after all. (I like being right).

The show is all set to go and I am as happy as punch, and I love getting to see all the comics I know in one small city, then after about a week I get bored as hell and end up watching too much telly and being boring.

Looking forward to meeting some of you at the Fringe!

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