Friday, August 01, 2008

Sorry, but I killed myself

I am officially dead, well not really or I wouldn’t be writing this blog. But I have been touring right up till the day I arrived at the Edinburgh Fringe. I am exhausted and happy and clearly not dead.

My show is at Pleasance Dome at 7pm every night, and people keep bringing kids to the show, which is freaky and odd. Meanwhile Ashley is Flyering like a devil out in the sun/rain that is Edinburgh. She is all sunburnt and sneezy. I love her dedication and hard graft.

Yesterday I had a big fight with my hair and then decided to get most of it cut off and I did. A great hairdresser in Lothian Rd took up the challenge and my hair is the shortest it’s ever been in 40 years and I LOVE IT!

It’s not gym teacher short, just short enough to manage.

The show is going well, I made it up when I got here and it’s all god fun.

Sorry I have been slack with my blogging, please forgive me? I am alive.

I will write more tomorrow and give you juicy gossip and stuff.



Janey - Mum came to your show with my Aunt last night... loved it! Aunt now convert. I've to pass the book on as well. They were amazed too at the bringing of children....maybe the parents think you could teach their kids something.... Just stand there and do the look.... or have a big box of Dr Scholles and throw them out - panto style.


So lets have a photo of the new fabby hairdo....