Thursday, November 01, 2007

London Blog

I am sorry I have been missing in action yet again…I am in London and the web has been slightly dodgy. I am in an amazing apartment thanks to the people at Crown lawn who always make me feel like a princess, which is nice. I do love this part of London, I am in Kensington/Chelsea and not far from the world famous galleries like Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert museum and exhibition centre’s like the one at Earls Court.

There are wonderful wee restaurants locally and a nice wee bit called little France…and well yes…its al French! I love it.

The weather is bright and breezy and the gigs are going great. I am on Woman’s hour on BBC radio 4 this Friday.

This feels less of a blog and more of a ‘Letter to my Mummy’ kind of style today isn’t it? Sorry am groggy and tired and stayed up too late and travelled on too many trains and buses and stood on too many stages and I am tired!

Today I am off to Oxford to do a gig there and I do adore Oxford, so beautiful and stunning looking, I am excited.

Husband is here with me but we haven’t seen much of each other as I am always out working and he hangs out near the apartment. I come home late at night, tired and missing Ashley and him at times.
He is slightly grumpy because the TV we have here does not have extensive TV channels and it makes him insane as he is spoiled with our TV back in Glasgow which has loads of channels to choose from.

But like all things…we have to prevail.

I had some meeting this week with TV people, nothing I can confirm or write home about yet…but will let you know if it all works out.

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