Monday, October 08, 2007

Gigs and good fun

The Glasgow Stand was an awesome gig on Friday, the place was crowded and the audience were very appreciative. How nice to get such a reaction! It was great to gig in my own fair city; I am off to Leicester next weekend to work- back on the road.
Saturday morning I was off to the beautiful wee fishing village of South Queensferry, the sunshine was sparkling off the water with the Forth Rail Bridge in the distance, it was magical looking.

I was doing a wee bit to camera for a South Bank TV special on Scottish Authors. The producer asked me to wear black, which is easy for me as I hardly own any clothing in many other colours. The bad news is- I managed to grow a huge spot on my chin just in time for my big TV appearance.
That always happens.

Saturday night and back at the Stand in Glasgow, the crowd was fabulous again, I so love live stand up. It’s the best feeling in the world getting up on stage and having a great gig.
Woke up Sunday with a stonking horrible headache, it almost debilitated me and I had to go back to bed and cuddle up to husband. It was really annoying as the sunshine was wonderful outside, I wanted to go out and enjoy the weather but I couldn’t bear to even face the light. This weather is awesome just now; I love Scotland in the sunny autumn.

This week will be busy again, so let’s chat later and if you guys are still up to writing my name ‘Janey Godley’ in chalk on your home town and email it to me when you can. Thanks all.

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