Saturday, July 21, 2007

A fight with a God botherer…

Glasgow has a pedestrian area where more often that not Jesus people come past, set up camp and shout about God. I had a small argument with them as the young boy with the microphone asked me if my life was perfect and I shouted “Yes, I have no God to serve, I am good to people, I give money to charity and unlike the Catholic Church in America I don’t have to sell my property to pay off the kids I abused, but no doubt because I don’t have Jesus in my life you will tell me when I die I will go to hell”
The young guy stood there and as the public waited on his answer- I pushed him again “Am I going to hell even though I am a good person? Come on tell the people, they want to know” and he said quietly “Yes she will go to hell” and I laughed loudly and said that priests who have abused kids will got to heaven but I wont and yes my life is perfect.

So after that wee conclusion I marched off home happily. I am sure is Jesus is up there watching us he would agree with me more.

Life can be like that.

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