Monday, April 02, 2007

Life in Sunny London…

London is cold and bright, I am tired and husband is so bloody efficient that I may enter him (not physically) but for Husband of the Week.

He has packed, moved and organised our trip to London.

We are down for three weeks and I have gigs all over the south of England.

Mostly London but I do have three nights in Birmingham. I have meeting and radio stuff to do.

Usually when we both go on these wee mini tours together all we end up doing is arguing, but this time we seem to have cracked it. Ok that maybe a premature statement as we are only into day 3 of the trip but I have devised a new way to stop bickering fights.

Every time husband says something that really irritates me, like when he singsongs an answer to a question (he does this a lot) OR when he starts to find fault in the little things that I do….I just sing a really good song in my head and ignore him totally.

It works! But it does freak him out slightly as he knows that when he does something he expects a reaction, where as I just smile and hug him.

This is making him scared...but at least we aint fighting like fuck every five minutes, the down side is…my brain is becoming a West End Musical and husband is walking around bewildered.

The answer to a happy marriage is not to understand each other but to devise ways to ignore every word that comes out of each others mouth.

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